Safety First

At Strong, safety is not a box we simply check off - it's our way of life. We encourage behavioral-based safety daily, which means our employees start and end each day thinking safe.



Before our employees step foot on the job, we make sure they've received the proper safety training. We choose industry-leading programs such as PEC and Safeland to make sure our employees perform the safest work for our clients.



We use a safety training matrix to make sure our employees have the most up-to-date certifications. To give our clients peace of mind, we make these records readily available and report to professional safety services ISNetworld, PEC, Avetta, Rigup, NCMS, Browz & Team Alert.



At Strong we're proud of our safety ratings.  We've worked hard to maintain a 0 OSHA-recordable record and update our clients often of our TRIR and EMR ratings.