About Us


It all started when...

Strong Service L.P. was founded in 1979 with only a few employees and two wireline units. Over the years, our continued growth has enabled us to extend our services in the oil and gas industry to include 28 wireline units (16 of 28 units are equipped with braided line), 10 swabbing units, 5 pump trucks and 3 cranes (45, 40 & 22 ton). Also available are our anchor units, capillary units, scan units and tubing testing units. 

Thanks to our well-trained and skilled personnel, Strong Service L.P. is confident that we are a value-added service provider. All aspects of "Safety" are our main priority. Our impeccable safety record is a reflection of our ongoing efforts. We plan to continue to serve the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana & New Mexico Regions for many years to come by striving to remain competitive in both service and pricing.